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Bushrangers Bar & Brasserie
Award-Winning Restaurant

Our restaurant is open every day. Try one of our many famous dishes from our award-winning restaurant made using only the freshest local produce. Manager David Mccoy and his accommodating staff look forward to welcoming you to the Bushrangers Bar & Brasserie.

Summer Sensations Menu

$15.99 menu (PDF ~ 622kb)

Functions Menu

Function Platters (PDF ~ 67kb)

Party Menus

Alternate Drop Menu (PDF ~ 131kb)

Dessert Menu (PDF ~ 130kb)

Seniors Menu (PDF ~ 137kb)

Book your Bushrangers Christmas Party

Alternate Drop X-Mas Menu (PDF ~ 150kb)

$22.99 Seniors Xmas Menu (PDF ~ 160kb)

Create your own menu

Please email us to inquire about how to design your own menu.

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How to find us

46 High St, Largs, NSW< 2320
(02) 4930 1201

Reserve a table

If you want to reserve a table for you and your guests, please call us.
02 4930 1201